Digital X-ray diagnostics

In dentistry, work effectiveness is checked using X-rays. In many cases, rapid analysis of the X-ray image allows to properly assess the situation and helps to make the final decision about how to treat a patient. Unfortunately, the lack of x-ray devices in the practices next to the armchair and the radiation protection regulations severely limit the dentist’s work.

The patient often loses time to find the right X-ray room, and the doctor loses the possibility of a quick diagnosis.

Zastosowanie RVG w codziennej praktyce stomatologicznej jest kluczem do sukcesu. Przedyskutowanie w czasie wizyty stanu uzębienia w obecności i z udziałem pacjenta stwarza lekarzowi komfortowe warunki pracy, a w pacjencie wzbudza dodatkowe zaufanie.
Dlatego nie ma dziedziny stomatologii, w której przydatność RVG można byłoby pominąć

The use of RVG in everyday dental practice is the key to success. Discussing the condition of the teeth during the visit in the presence and participation of the patient creates comfortable working conditions for the doctor, and creates additional trust in the patient.

Therefore, there is no field of dentistry in which the usefulness of RVG could be omitted.