Looking at beautiful white smiles in the media, we attach more and more attention to the state of our teeth wanting to match the stars’ smiles. Then we seek help and ask about the possibility of using the latest achievements in dentistry to have a beautiful smile. Conservative treatment deals with tooth decay. Caries is shadings and stains visible on teeth and cavities that, if left untreated, can lead to irritation, damage and death of the internal tooth’s tissue.

The treatment consists of removing the diseased hard tissues of the tooth and supplementing them with material that looks like your own tooth. At MagicSmile Clinic, we pay attention not only to the teeth, but also to the gums and their mutual harmony. The wide spectrum of currently proven treatment methods allows us to restore the shape, color and position of the teeth. White, even, beautiful teeth surrounded by shiny pink gums are a sign of youth, health and beauty.

We carry out painless and quick treatment using computer anesthesia, called CALAJECT, after its application nothing hurts !!! Permanent and baby teeth, rebuilding broken fragments. We use modern materials for the highest quality fillings. These fillings do not discolor, have high strength and are suitable for filling most defects. For larger cavities, the best results are obtained thanks to the use of prosthetic methods, we can rebuild tooth abrasion and damaged teeth.

We provide a fully sterile set of dental instruments and tips for each patient. We comply with all recommendations and standards regarding the safety and sterilization of dental instruments.

A woman planning a child should remember the golden rule, prevention is better than treatment!

It is very important to carry out check-ups at the dentist. If you have sick teeth, do not delay their healing or even removal. In the first trimester, the baby’s fetus is formed and this is the most important moment of pregnancy and it is inadvisable to treat teeth at this time, but not impossible!

We often hear that teeth must not be treated during pregnancy. It is a stereotype that has little to do with reality.

During pregnancy, hormones that do not serve her teeth have a great influence on women’s health. The pH in the mouth changes which promotes the development of microorganisms. Morning nausea and vomitting, as well as more frequent meals (including snacking on sweet or sour products) affect negatively and cause faster development of tooth decay. Inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and periodontal tissues often also occurs, and stomach acids also destroy enamel.

Research shows that untreated inflammation and dental disease increase the risk of premature delivery by up to seven times!

A woman should regularly visit her dentist before pregnancy, and during it about 2-3 times. The dentist will be able to assess the condition of the teeth on an ongoing basis and will decide which treatments should be performed during pregnancy, and with which you can wait until the end of the pregnancy.

Treatments allowed during pregnancy that are not allowed:

  • Defect treatment – safe throughout pregnancy
  • Root canal treatment (endodontics) – not recommended in the first trimester
  • X-ray taking – not recommended during the whole pregnancy
  • Computer anesthesia for dental procedures – allowed after the first trimester of pregnancy. Women who are pregnant are given anesthesia without adrenaline.
  • Prosthetic treatment – not recommended
  • Tooth removal – after the first trimester of pregnancy
  • Scaling and sandblasting (hygiene) – after the first trimester of pregnancy. Only ultrasonic scaling is not recommended (the decision is made by the gynecologist treating the patient).
  • Laser teeth whitening – not recommended during the whole pregnancy