We use the latest solutions in surgery

Implantology is one of the most modern methods of treatment in dentistry. Over the past twenty-five years, it has revolutionized treatments for the treatment of dental deficiencies and has helped thousands of patients who have aesthetically, permanently and effectively completed missing teeth or cured anodontia.

Surgical treatment at the MagicSmile Clinic is a treatment without pain and in full comfort: lifting the bottom of the maxillary sinus (sinus lift), regeneration of alveolar processes, surgical treatment of periodontal diseases, open and closed curettage, removal of retained teeth, surgical removal of wisdom teeth (eights), hemisection, resection, frenulum undercutting.

Implantological treatment is the most effective method of replacing missing teeth

Implantation and setting the crown on it, can take place even during one visit! In the practice, we have equipment for full diagnostics before surgery.

It involves the implantation of one or several implants that perform the functions of a dental root, and then setting crowns on them perfectly replacing natural teeth. Implantological treatment rebuilds lost teeth in a durable and natural way guaranteeing a beautiful smile.

Crowns or bridges mounted on the implants show much greater durability than other prosthetic solutions. Traditional bridges require grinding of the teeth adjacent to the defect, in addition, after several years, they need to be replaced. Implants are set without harming other teeth and last for several dozen years of use, and even for life.

Implants are the only method of tooth replacement, which prevents tooth loss from the jaw bone and gums. After implantation, the implant stimulates the bone to grow, preventing it from disappearing. As a result, facial muscles work properly, facial features remain unchanged, and the skin is not covered by a network of wrinkles accompanying the defects.

Within the aesthetic part of the maxilla and mandible, all-ceramic crowns work out the best. Porcelain, like natural teeth, partially transmits light, in addition, it gives great possibilities of choosing color, so that the crown does not look different from natural teeth. In crowns replacing molars, ceramic crowns embedded in metal are used – such crowns are characterized by their natural appearance and durability, thanks to which they can take over the loads that natural molars are subjected to.