The gum and bone can be sick around one tooth, a group of teeth, or cover the entire dentition. Incorrectly placed filling on the tangent surface between the teeth can lead to gum disease, bleeding, loosening of the tooth (when the ligament apparatus of the tooth is sick) and to inflammation of the bone – loss of bone support. Caries and improper treatment may cause periodontal disease. Also, an incorrect or missing prosthetic restoration leads to this condition.

There are patients who do not have caries, they have all their teeth, and at some point the discomfort occurs – bleeding, bad mouth odor, a feeling of a moving tooth. In this case, with the help of radiovisiography and periodontological examination, we verify periodontitis, which is usually associated with a defect in the immune system. All the above cases can be treated, so they should not be underestimated.

Periodontal treatment sometimes requires surgical intervention. Periodontal tissues are extremely delicate. Gingival recession treatment, gum line change or thickening is just a substitute for services we can boast of. We use a laser for treatment.