With the help of bridges, you can rebuild lost teeth, provided that there is a healthy tooth in front of and behind the gap. However, it is a compromise solution, because by rebuilding lost teeth we must destroy the tissues of healthy teeth. Which in the long run, leads to their loss. Therefore, the implantological solution is the best possible solution, because by rebuilding the lack of teeth we do not worsen the condition of healthy teeth.

  • standard porcelain bridges
  • gold based porcelain bridges
  • zirconium based porcelain bridges
  • adhesive bridges

Dental crown

Prosthetic treatment involves permanent and cosmetic reconstruction or restoration of missing teeth. The achievements of today’s dentistry give us a wide range of possibilities to apply the appropriate method for a given case.

We offer the highest quality porcelain dental crowns that rebuild a damaged tooth and additionally protect it against tooth decay.

  • standard porcelain dental crowns
  • porcelain crowns based on gold
  • porcelain crowns for highly cosmetic zirconia
  • all-ceramic high cosmetic dental crowns

Prostheses – removable restorations


on a metal cast skeleton

with cast braces covering the teeth – the braces may be visible on the face of the teeth on ceka-revax or bredent type catches – highly cosmetic , no visible metal even with a full smile


  • standard acrylic
  • acrylic on a soft surface, lined with soft acrylic which increases the comfort of use and reduces the possibility of abrasions and bedsores
  • soft dentures in the Valplast system